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Bong control to different stations and kitchen toads

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Johannes Soner - restaurant owner in Linköping, Sweden

How did you work before FLOW?
Before FLOW, we worked in a traditional way that made our work process slow and unstructured. When there were long queues, we could sometimes lose the feeling of good service.

How do you work with flow today?
The best thing about FLOW is that the system is so user-friendly. It collects all orders in one place and ensures that all employees have the same information at all times. It has made the staff more efficient and it has also been shown that they have more fun at work.


Joda Bar & kitchen - Visby Sweden

How did you work before FLOW?
We worked classically with the guest calling or coming in and ordering take away.

How do you work with flow today? idag?
Today we have the opportunity to take an order via QR code at our restaurant which is located in a sports arena. The guest orders easily with a QR code & picks up when the food is ready. This allows us to sell more & avoid long queues.

Today, our guests can also order take away online from both our restaurants and we control more and more from phone to online, which means that we free up more time from our waitresses to take care of the guests on site instead of talking on the phone.